Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Group Presentation

Today our project is working successfully when we do a demonstration and present it to our lecturer... We feel very excited today... We hope that we can get higher grade in this subject MDZ392 Educational Computing Environments (ROBOTICS)


Theme: Save our Planet (Recycling)
Robot’s name: Tri-cycle Robot

This robot is created to:
1. Build self awareness among primary school students on the importance of recycling.
2. Help students to know their responsibility towards environment.
3. Group used materials according to the recycle groups. Example - (aluminium, plastic and glass)
4. Help to save the planet through recycling process.
5. Reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials.

Problem statement:
Nowadays, humans do not concern about the environment and tend to worsen the situation through littering around. They do not care about the pollution that they are contributing to the earth. They do not seem to understand that recycling can be a best way to save our planet. However, this problem can be overcome through creating self awareness from the grass root. Hence, primary school students are the most influential group to be educated. If we can create understanding to students on how important recycling is, they will know the consequences and responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, Tri-cycle robot is created to be a platform where it can help to build self awareness among students on the importance of recycling in order to safe our planet.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Latest News for our Project

to watch our project demonstration, CLICK HERE...

Today's class we work hard to finish up our project... From our discussion yesterday, we build the "Tri-Recycle Bin" that can separate three type of can...

Some description of our robot:
  1. Mindstorm NXT - 2 units
  2. 9842 Interactive Servo Motor - 5 units
  3. 9844 Light Sensor - 1 unit
  4. 9842 Touch Sensor - 3 units
  5. 9846 Ultrasonic Sensor - 2 units
our project also use chain and gear...

we will update our robot picture as soon as possible... Tq 4 Viewing our Blog...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Group Discussion 02.03.2009

Currently, we are working on our project where it help in recycling process. According to our planning, our robot will detect glass, aluminum, and plastic material. the robot then, will recycle the material and put in according to the correct container (recycling bin). Will keep your updated with our project soon.

Scorpion King II - The Heavy Machine

The first innovation before an Extreme Modification

As the first robot, fails to perform its job, we reassemble a new robot by the name of "Scorpion King II". It was quite similar with the one we created a week before this because we did a little bit modification. "Scorpion King II" can perform job such as it can move and lift things from one point to another; it also can only detect the red ball and helps in recycling process.

After Modification - Integrated with 2 NXT

Our robot also able to cooperate with another robot from other groups to perform the recycling process. refer to our video for your viewing pleasure...
Click Here to view "Scorpion King II" video....

Overall the robot is better than the one we had created before....

Till we meet again... Stay Tuned and Keep on viewing our blog...

Scorpik the failed robot

During our previous lesson, we created the first robot by the name of "Scorpik". the robot's structure is complex whereby we used all censors available; ultrasonic, sound, light and touch sensor. Scorpik defend itself during the war. Our pragramming system was not set accurately, and because of that our robot fails to play it role.

Attacking Scorpion


In, this activity we have to build a robot with its command where it can attack other robots. Therefore, in this case the robot has to be strong bascically and active where it can collapse its opponent. This activity made us to think, on how we can set up the command so that we wont lose our robots to other groups.

Overall this week's class was full of excitement and expecting much more knowledge to be learnt in coming classes. Till i leave you with few pics and videos to enjoy with. Since a picture represents 1000 words, let my picture does the talking for you. Till we met again.

p/s: The credit of the day goes to our Mr. Engineer 'Hafizan' and our winning robot 'The Scorpian King'. You deserves the credits!~